Ron Sloy CFP | Market Recap - Sep. 2014

In regards to the Feds message today, it would seem that the Federal Reserve is going to keep on supporting the business sectors. Encouraged Chairwoman Janet Yellen kept up her stern stance and abstained from annoying markets with any shocks. We feel October could yield a decent month for the business sector. Markets headed higher today, shut at an untouched high on the S & P 500 and the Dow. Expect the business sector to head higher through the final quarter of this current year. I wouldn't be astounded to see a 18,000 Dow by year-end, right now we're at 17,150 and a S & P of around 2,100. We plan to be exceptionally bullish on the U.S. equities because it would appear that the Feds are going to keep on supporting us.